Welcome to Leos Upholstery Supplies

Leo's Upholstery Supplies, a leader in contract, furniture, marine and auto upholstery, has decorated higher number of upholstery projects around the city. From different parts of the Southern CA people are coming to find custom upholstery expertly made in our location. We specialize in custom hospitality furniture as well as do on-site. Whenever you need stylish upholstery, there will ceratinly be something of interest for you at Leos Upholstery Supplies. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're confident that you will enjoy your experience with our work.

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Our Services

  • Leathers, Foams, Vinyls
  • Automotive clips for door panels
  • Trims, Threads, Cottons, Rubber Webbing
  • Automotive Fabrics, Original OEMs, Button Moulds
  • Cutting foams to size, Supplying of materials to retailers
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Our Vendors

Custom Furniture Upholstry